Xp clients not updating dns

06-Dec-2019 05:34

In practice, we do this by suffixing a I've struggled with a similar issue and have tried the solution suggested by @harrymc.I found what eventually seems to (at least somewhat) work at the microsoft technet forum (nslookup works but nothing else has DNS on standalone Win7 PC) Here's the quote: ...Network Connections and right click on your network connection and hit Properties. Go to the DNS tab, this is where I had added a DNS suffix for my work but also needed one for my normal home connections. This made me think maybe my network was simply slightly missconfigured.Click Internet Protocol Version 4 and hit the Properties button. Looking at my DD-WRT settings, the "LAN Domain" was left unset.WINS is gone many year ago but you might still have Netbios enabled on your interface and PING therefore might use netbios that might not give you any result.

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- All the necessary suffix search strings were there. So for some reason, on this system only, ping only tried to resolve unqualified name-IPv4.

You could try and stop this service and see whether this makes a difference.

Some commands that will reinitialize various network states : Reset WINSOCK entries to installation defaults : On Windows (even recent versions such as Windows 10), the first step can easily fail.

Allow DNS Suffix Appending to Unqualified Multi-Label Name Queries - see: this helps I'm picking this up because it bothered me the last year and maybe I found a workaround. nslookup is designed to query the nameserver and does exactly that and no windows name-hierarchy-resolving. But since I disabled IPv6 on all client-interfaces the problem didn't occured anymore. I might be wrong on this because its based on my long-forgotten NT4 ressource-kit days.

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For me it seemed some dns-caching-system within the windows client is faulty. As fare I can recall PING uses Netbios/WINS and DNS (in that order, at least if you don't specify a FQDN).Then after disconnecting everything continued to work.

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