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They worked at their craft to be successful and right now they don’t.

It’s a powerful show babe.” The singer, actress, presenter and author knows what she’s talking about.

Singing in church sparked her transformation.“Of course, we were talking earlier about selflessness, of doing this to inspire people and touch people’s lives, that’s at the forefront of church, that’s what it teaches you, that it’s not about you.

That’s the thing I’ve always taken from the church.

My song was coming up like a month after that, I was just starting to come out.“Everyone was at Camden Palace and in the middle of the show there I was, this 18-year-old kid looking up at my idol.

She has fronted a number of radio and television shows.Prince then arranged for her to fly out to Minneapolis, to Paisley Park.“He came at four in the morning, opened the vault and said ‘I want you to listen, I want you to think about this’.I’m like how can you not like any of it, you’re f****** Prince for God’s sake. when you actually see it, all the emotional ups and downs…It’s amazing, all of it’s great.”The last time Mica saw him was at Camden Palace, where they’d first met.“Talk about full circle, I mean Jesus. I hadn’t seen him for about six years at that point and they invited me to come see him.“He just looked so thin and I said to his manager ‘what’s going on with him at the moment’. I knew something wasn’t right but honey six months later he was dead. The three biggest shocks for me were Whitney, Michael and Prince, those three, flippin’ hell.”Mica, who can’t stand sweet, says what’s great about Fame – The Musical is it’s not twee. one minute you’re laughing, dancing; the next you’re crying your eyes out.”Raised in working class Lewisham, she would watch Fame, willing to do anything to go to stage school.“I couldn’t afford it man.

Where I grew up, most people didn’t think they could enter that world so I was a real enigma in my community. I was like 14 and everyone thought I was completely nuts.Mica will draw upon music from her previous albums as well as tracks from 2005's 'Soul Classics' which cemented her reputation as one of the finest soul vocalists to have emerged this side of the Atlantic.