Who is jacob artist dating

18-Feb-2020 21:29

But when he deferred his acceptance to The Juilliard School to move to L.

A., he set a chain of events into motion that would eventually lead co-creator Ryan Murphy to cast him on the hit show a year and a half later. Relationship status: Single On sharing a name with his character: "People were like, 'Did they change it at the very end because you were cast? It's been Jake from day one.' It must have been meant to be, because it's so funny that we share the same name.

She's so beautiful." On spoilers: "Ryan [Murphy] has been tweeting pictures about how we're doing a Grease episode, and I think that that's going to be really cool for people to see.

") was also in attendance and walked the red carpet with costar Sarah Michelle Gellar.

I think it would be cool to have some sort of duet à la Dirty Dancing.

It would be fun to use some of the music from that movie and just have a really cool iconic dance number." On which cast member resembles his or her character the most: "Honestly, I'm one of the ones who is least like my character, just because I like to make people laugh and have a good time—and be kind of fun and silly.

"We just have loads of fun together," Blake shared. I'm just glad I get to be with her on the same show.

I have so much fun acting with her, even if she slaps me in a scene. "After witnessing Jake's playboy ways, could Marley even trust Puck's half-brother if he wanted to get back together?

"Through Sarah and her friend Adam Shankman, I learned about the Trevor Project and the incredible work they are doing.