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Katniss's father was a miner and illegal hunter who traded on the black market in District 12.

Her mother is a healer, the daughter of the town Apothecary owners.

She tried to look in the garbage bins of the houses in the town square but was rebuked by the baker's wife for snooping.

Peeta Mellark, the baker's son, gave Katniss some burnt bread that he'd been told to give to the pig.

In the book and film, Prim was actually worried about being picked, but Katniss thought that was impossible since she hadn't taken any tesserae and her name was only entered once.

The impossible happened whether Prim had taken any or not.

When she turned 12, Katniss signed up for Tesserae, causing her name to be entered four times in her first reaping. In the woods, Katniss meets Gale Hawthorne, an older boy who's father died in the same mining accident that killed her father.

Gale has provided for his family by setting traps and snares to catch game.

Katniss is not very interested in politics but Gale is a political radical who dreams of an uprising against the oppressive Capitol.

Katniss lets him vent to her but is otherwise unmoved.

The two agree to protect each others families if one of them is reaped.

At some point he taught her a song called "The Hanging Tree", a song about a man calling for his lover to meet him in death.

When Katniss's mother heard her singing it, she banned the song from their home and forbade Katniss to sing it again outside the home.

With "the death of Pitohui in the real world" at stake, the only way to avoid the worst scenario is for LLENN to kill Pitohui......

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