What is the protocol for internet dating

27-Apr-2020 18:10

There are various protocols ftp: file transfer protocol smtp: simple mail transfer protocol pop3: post office protocol ip: internet protocol tcp: transmission control protocol ospf: open shortest path first igrp: interior gateway routing protocol eigrp: enhanced interior gateway routing protocol rip: routing information protocol hyper text transfer protocol udp: user datagram protocol icmp: internet control message protocol A hypertext protocol is a protocol relating to hypertext.The most well-known hypertext-related protocol would be the Hypertext Transfer Protocol, which is used to transfer hypertext from one machine to another.One of other online dating safety rules is to archive or remove any online dating member whotreats or behaves you in an abusive way and then you need to report the behavior to the dating site owner immediately.In addition, you need to stop communicating right away with anyone who pressures you forfinancial or personal information.It is the protocol used to convey information of World Wide Web (WWW). In connection-oriented protocol, authentication is needed while this is not case in connectionless protocol.

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