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18-Oct-2019 08:48

If you and the person you want to chat with both have Facebook, it’s really a no brainer. If you don’t have Facebook (or are trying to chat with someone who doesn’t), no worries! If you’re a Windows user, Skype is the obvious choice here: it comes bundled with Windows now that Microsoft owns it, and it’s become synonomous enough with video chat that basically everyone has a Skype account. Seriously, though, it comes on all Macs, i Phones, and i Pads, it works great, and everyone knows about it. Android is a bit more of a convoluted mess than i OS or Mac, because there are a of different apps.Even if you don’t, you can sign in with Facebook if you want…but if you have Facebook, please just refer back to the previous section of this guide. Face Time is where it’s at for you guys, but I’ll be honest: I didn’t have to tell you that. Skype is available on Android, Facebook Messenger is available on Android, and Google’s older video chat offering, Hangouts, is still quite good on Android.It’s honestly the best video chat platform I’ve personally used on Android, as it just seem to As much as I hate to admit it, that’s something Android could use more of.Okay, so now for the real head scratcher: video chatting people who don’t have Facebook and use a different platform than you. The obvious choices here are going to be Skype and Hangouts.Grab your Twilio Account SID from your account dashboard, generate a Video Configuration Profile and take note of the SID and finally generate an API Key and Secret.Once you have all of those we can add them to the project.CALIFORNIA [USA]: Google's answer to Apple Face Time, Google Duo, is now available to web users.

(But seriously, how about cross-platform Face Time, Apple? We tested a number of apps on Android, i Phone, Windows, and mac OS to find the best one for any given situation. Look, I’ll cut the chase here: Facebook Messenger is a great way to video chat with pretty much everyone you know.

To really get the most out of our HTML import let’s build our component in it. Let’s go into our HTML import and start building our custom element.

Our aim is to make creating a video chat as easy as dropping an HTML element onto the page, the Refresh the page and the title has disappeared, replaced with our custom element. The first thing we need to do here is to register our element. In the takes the name of the element we want to register, in this case “twilio-video”.

To really get a grip on what the platform can achieve on it’s own, I’m going to show you how to build a Web Component using the APIs available in browsers today.

There are many “hello world” examples of Web Components, so we’re going to build something a bit trickier today, a video chat widget using Twilio Video.However, when it comes to Android-to-Android chats, there’s a new choice that’s better than all the rest: Google Duo.