Warning signs dating loser

19-Sep-2020 00:19

is the true stories of women who fell in love with men who were losers, abusers, cheaters and con-artists; the red flags they ignored and what they would do differently if they could turn back time.

“If you’ve never been involved with a pathological lying, narcissistic, antisocial, sociopathic personality,” states Nancy Nichols, “You might not realize what you’re dealing with.

And know that it can take seven to nine tries before a woman leaves an abusive partner for good, says Diane Lass, Ph. What not to say: “If you go back to him one more time, I’m done!

”Instead, try: “I’ll always be here for you when you need me.”If you feel she’s in immediate danger: If he’s physically hurt her or threatened to kill her, experts urge you to call the police — yes, even if she objects.

Start the conversation with: ‘I just want to be there for you; how can I help? If you’re unsure check out these scripts written by Liz Welch at Glamour magazine: If you suspect she’s being abused, and you’re approaching her for the first time: Don’t focus on what a loser he is; in our survey, the top reason women stayed with an abusive partner was that they still loved him, so dismissing that love won’t help. “The victim feels anger from her partner already,” says Miriam Ehrensaft, Ph.

D., associate professor of psychology at John Jay College of Criminal Justice.

What not to say: “Don’t you see how he’s brainwashed you? I want to talk about you.”If she leaves but then goes back to him: Be patient.

Trying to force her to break up with him for good means you’re taking control — and that’s what her boyfriend is doing.

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Worse yet, you may think you are responsible for his unpredictable anger and punishing behavior.Hurtful words are designed to do exactly that -- hurt.

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