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15-Sep-2019 12:02

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The main component of a Nuget package is the .nuspec file.

This is an XML file that represents your package, and contains all the information that requires to publish your package.

However, specs for a server update package are merged directly with the live package during package deployment.

A server package is a group of specification records, source files, header files, and compiled objects that are created on the enterprise servers.

This tutorial takes you through the process step by step. IO nuget package, which contains our logging engine, which you can find at . In our instance, we use a C# instance, and the package is, for all intents, a normal class library.

Microsoft have comprehensive documentation on Nuget, but we've simplified the process here to help. Any files that you want to include in your package, such as documentation or a file, should be included in the project.

After defining and building a server package, you can deploy it to an enterprise, logic, or application server by using Oracle's JD Edwards Enterprise One Deployment Director program (P9631).

You should already have this installed if you are using Visual Studio, or you can download it from the selected parent package was marked as Note: If you select to build business functions with the package build, the system does not copy bin32, lib32, and object (.obj) files because the JD Edwards Enterprise One Bus Build program creates them.The steps for a server update package are the same as the first five steps for building a full server package.needs to run from within your project folder, so the simplest method is to drop into this from a a command prompt or powershell window. Once you have your .nupkg file ready, you can now deploy it to Nuget.

Org At this point, we're assuming you have already created an account on Nuget. You can simply upload your .nupkg file to nuget by visiting https:// Nuget will open your package, read the .nuspec file, and publish your package all in a single step.The application development life cycle is managed by Oracle's JD Edwards Enterprise One Object Management Workbench.

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