Validating after button click

23-Feb-2020 05:23

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You Can Try one of the following: 1) make required='true' 2) If the textbox have some specific about what type of text to be entered, you can also put the regex pattern.I have a simple page with a form and a button outside the form.Take a look at the example here I/2 if you just go into the text box and tab out, then error message is displayed.if you directly click on the button with out touching then validation message is not displayed as the rules is skipped based on input name checking. I made the example to be simple, in real scenario there is so much complex logic involved.I know I need to include some sort of check to see if the input is valid, and if it is, pass the URL into a new window, but I'm not sure how to go about this.

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Please let me know if I can elaborate on how to use it.

So I understand you do not wish to have us create clicks to the button from outside code.

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