Updating trainz asset

21-Sep-2019 09:00

Whilst the team achieved a lot with SP1, the task of improving and adding to Trainz is never really complete.Work has already begun on the next update expected early in the New Year, and also on adding new features for Trainz Engineers Edition.If you're looking for missing assets whose KUIDs start with 268447, then these are from the SI3D 'Sodor Porters & Guards' pack, which can be downloaded from their website.Aside from this, if the KUID of the missing asset does not start with 556896 (Wild Nor Wester) or 571207 (Darth Assassin - face packs), then the missing asset will be found on the Download Station.

Further minor changes are also added to save functionality to ensure greater stability.Fixes in these patches include: Please note that these are content patches, and work differently from the previous patches we've released.