Updating ruby on leopard

11-May-2020 09:23

All other stuff in the Xcode Tools package are not essential for this install. You wouldn’t want to finish building Image Magick from source (not exactly quick) when you find out that your download of the jpeg source libraries failed and Image Magick got built without JPEG support.(This is a current issue with the jpeg source download source that Solomon’s script is using for the download, so caveat emptor).UPDATE: The RMagick gem install may fail with an error of “too many examples failed” if the compilation and install of the jpeg package did not install static nor shared libraries (default behaviour).What this means is that the JPEG package is installed binary executable files, but not libraries that other programs such as Image Magick can use to manipulate photos and image files. To make sure that the JPEG package installs the actual JPEG libraries do the following within the jpeg-6b directory (which was created when you untar’d the jpeg6gz source file): Thanks to Matt King for posting instructions on fixing the JPEG library Image Magick / RMagick errors.Because you’ll suddenly break the careful packaging Apple has done with Ruby and reduce the 20 or so gems (not sure the exact count) available down to 0.There’s a simple fix for this though – what happens is that the places where it looks for your gems gets mixed up. Ruby development on Leopard is actually quite good. I think its great that Leopard ships with all sorts of Ruby goodness built right in.

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Unlike most of the other Apple incl GNUsions like My SQL and PHP, they couldn't really cripple this one.

A symbolic link to Text Mate’s mate program in Applications placed within the /usr/bin directory does the trick: Despite all the badpress RMagick gets about using scads of RAM and that Image Science is a better solution, RMagick is still quite useful.

The RAM stuff is also not an issue if you can figure out how to do your image manipulation calls via command line.

sudo gem install rails --pre Installs Rails 3.0 Beta 45.

sudo mkdir /usr/local/lib/ruby/gems/1.9.1/gems/rails-3.0.0.beta4/lib Create the lib directory to resolve the following error ERROR: While executing gem ...Note that GEM_PATH is “read-only” whereas GEM_HOME Is “read-write” by rubygems. For some reason, rcov out of the box will include some of its own classes in the reports when profiling functional tests on Leopard. The fix for this is to include “#” in the rcov exclusions parameter –exclude. It seems Safari 3 doesn’t like some of the internal anchor tags.

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