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04-Oct-2020 10:53

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If there is an update you will see an Update button that will redirect you to the SQL Server Management Studio Download Page.The most popular edition is Visual Studio Community.To fix it you need to close the solution and go delete the . After that it returns to normal again, for about a week, or so until you need to do it again.The underlying cause is that the SDF file gets fragmented and, according to xperf profiling I've done, VS will sometimes do 20,000 random reads from it when changing between debug and release.Fortunately for the SQL Server Community, Microsoft has made SQL Server Management Studio a product on its own and is providing updates directly for the product.Anytime you start SQL Server Management Studio it automatically checks for updates, and when an update is available you will receive a notification like the one in the next image.

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The *file there contains the intellisense database- if you delete this files and reopen your project in visual studio, it rebuilds the cache. Sometimes working with a big solution (mainly C projects) becomes unbearably slow.When you click the notification you will be redirected to a web page where you can download the new version of the web installer and proceed to upgrade the application.