Updating google search results

09-Nov-2019 19:51

This tool also allows you to submit a single URL (‘Crawl only this URL’) or the selected URL and any pages it links to directly (‘Crawl this URL and its direct links’).

Although both of these requests come with their own limits; 10 for the former option and 2 for the latter.

When I worked, in the publishing industry, our site would stream out new content, like a fire hose, and Google would quickly crawl it and index it almost instantaneously.

Our typical content outflow was over 100,000 words a month tied to new and unique articles.

Often, we could drop a new article, and see traffic from search in less than 5 minutes, if it was a timely article.

One time, during an earthquake, I tested the indexing speed of our website with Google.

We received close to 5,000 visits, in under 10 minutes, because we were the most authoritative article until the L. Primarily because people aren’t actively searching for your services in high concentrations. Googlebot is search software that Google sends out to find and collect information on the web to add to Google’s searchable index.

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Once you have generated or built a sitemap: on Webmaster Tools select the domain on which it appears, select ‘crawl’/’sitemaps’/’add/test sitemap’, type in its URL (or, as you can see, the domain URL appended with sitemap.xml) and ‘submit’. Google is pretty good at crawling and indexing the web but giving the spiders as much assistance with their job as possible makes for quicker and cleaner SEO.

Simply having your property added to Webmaster Tools, running Google Analytics, and then using the above tools are the foundation for getting your site noticed by the search giant.