Ugly men online dating how to flirt on online dating

19-Nov-2019 23:52

Therefore, how could you be excited to connect with them?Then you’ll behave in ways that subconsciously communicates your true feelings to women.To make these changes, it starts by shifting your mindset.You struggle to attract women If you’re vehemently angry at them.They knew it wasn’t going to be easy and they started with an uphill battle.They knew they weren’t going to change what women have biologically responded to for thousands of years.

If you’re an “ugly guy”, I’m not here to downplay the reality. And yes, it fucking sucks that you got the shit end of the genetic lottery.

Angry dudes scare the shit out of women, for good reason.

If you’re trying to meet women while filled with resentment, you’ll often assume the worst about them.

They didn’t spew misogynistic hate via internet forums for days on end.

Because again, there was no other solution to attain the connections they desired.

It creates a cycle where women don’t respond to you because you’re angry, you get angrier, and then you face even more rejections.