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What interval separated this public reading of the Law from the reading of the Law as a portion of synagogue worship we have no means of knowing.The probability is that in no long time the practice of reading the Law with an Aramaic interpretation was common in all Jewish synagogues.The Talmudists were particular that the reader should keep his eye on the roll from which he read, and that the meturgheman should always recite his version without looking at any writing, so that a distinction should be kept between the sacred word and the version.At first the Targum was not committed to writing, but was handed down by tradition from meturgheman to meturgheman.The language common to all these, in addition to their native dialect, was Aramaic.

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Although it is not recorded, it is not impossible that following the example of the Assyrians, Nebuchadnezzar may have sent into Judea compulsory colonists from other parts of his empire.This threefold process implies more than merely distinct enunciation.