Stop being accommodating in relationships why are unstable isotopes useful for dating rocks

01-Aug-2020 13:24

However, there may be an instance in which advocating for yourself results in conflict.

Now, it could be that the other person genuinely needs your help or expertise, and that’s part of being on a team.

Practice deep breathing to manage your stress in the moment, consider the issue from your co-worker’s point of view, and prepare “I” statements that convey how the situation makes you feel.

Finally, run what you are planning to say past a trusted friend or colleague to get another perspective.

However, if you find yourself in this position more than you would like simply because you don’t want to let other people down, then you could be a people pleaser.

And it may not seem like a big deal in the short term.

But, figuring out what’s part of the job and what’s above-and-beyond takes practice. Experiment with saying “no” or at least, “not now” to requests.

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At first, you may feel uncomfortable setting boundaries because it’s new for you.However, to stop being taken advantage of, you’ve got to learn to treat yourself with that same level of respect.