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26-Jan-2020 21:00

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I have a positive outlook on life and I believe in living life to the fullest.I enjoy my career and feel grateful to have the opportunity to help others. I did everything in my power to try to save my marriage, I will do the same thing for any relationship.I prefer intimate one-on-one situations and steer clear of noisy places and crowds. I am dedicated to the people around me including allowing them space where space is needed. I'm English but now live between Spain and Scotland because of work with different national parks.I love hiking, mountains and nature as well as your typical geeky things like Star Wars, Marvel and Lord of the rings, which I swear I've loved since before that was actually cool. About myself I can say that i`m very generous, I like when everything fair. I`m practising to be mindfull and see things how they really are, by mediteting everyday.

If someone I am with is ready for it, then I have an uncanny talent for facilitating cathartic releases after which the some old baggage of the past is released forever in a safe and nourishing way. I would rather just spend most time with my special guy. I was always the family photographer in my family, ever since I was young and was given my little Kodac Instamatic Camera.Sometimes my delivery is too dry for people to realize I'm joking..watching the five second delay as someone gets it! Love all animals and the wilderness, gardening, hiking, nature,snorkeling, cooking, photography, art, reading, NPR Moth RH, DIY, recycle repurpose... 2 acres are a cat sanctuary for homeless/feral cats, the rest is jungle/natural wilderness, birds, trees.... I used to play the flute (a hundred years ago or so) and have just recently started again! i am learning to read and write hindi (devanagari). I also lead a disciplined and moderate lifestyle and am not bored easily.I also enjoy a nice cuddle, going for walks, deep, and not so deep discussions It's about leaving this place better than it is, and helping ALL those in need. I was a kayak guide/naturalist/boat captain/cook in Alaska 15 years ago, then moved to Hawaii to help start a green business. I grew up as a dog person, then ran with wolves in Alaska.(ok, walked and kayaked...). i love bollywood, even though i've seen a lot of terrible movies. My interests include reading, exercising, walking in cities, travel, coffee shops, cooking, world cinema, classical music Well-rounded, eclectic and baggage-free describes me well. What I have to offer is the man I have become through this journey in life & a heart filled with Love to share.On these sites you will find other singles who share an interest in living in harmony with themselves, others, and the planet.

Of the very few spiritual dating sites in existence, Spiritual Matchmaking is the only site at the moment that offers a comprehensive service and a large enough database to make it worth your while.The beauty of the Earth from above is so breathtaking. Maybe one day I’ll find my match 💞 I am passionate and outgoing . My somewhat shy, devoted dog is a beloved companion.

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