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Because of its relative abundance of fruit-growing and hop gardens, Kent is known as "The Garden of England".Kent's economy is greatly diversified; haulage, logistics, and tourism are major industries.

England relied on the county's ports to provide warships through much of its history; the Cinque Ports in the 12th–14th centuries and Chatham Dockyard in the 16th–20th centuries were of particular importance.Kent was traditionally partitioned into East and West Kent, and into lathes and hundreds.The traditional border of East and West Kent was the county's main river, the Medway.The Medway megaliths were built during the Neolithic era.

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There is a rich sequence of Bronze Age, Iron Age, and Roman era occupation, as indicated by finds and features such as the Ringlemere gold cup and the Roman villas of the Darent valley.In northwest Kent industries include extraction of aggregate building materials, printing and scientific research.