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12-Nov-2019 00:43

Diazepam, more commonly known as Valium, is another anticonvulsant drug that vets sometimes prescribe to dogs for seizures.There are other drugs available that have fewer side effects, though they are more expensive.This can be increased up to 8 mg per pound of body weight per day based on the dog’s response.It’s important to continue giving the drug to your dog for the full duration of the prescription and not miss a dose, as this can result in seizures. Phenobarbital often comes in doses measured in “grains” rather than milligrams.Water solubility was achieved by binding the alfaxalone-molecule to a cyclodextrine molecule. It is rapidly metabolized by the liver and does not cause histamine release like the former formulation. Plasma pharmacokinetics of alfaxalone in both premedicated and unpremedicated Greyhound dogs after single, intravenous administration of Alfaxan at a clinical dose. Short-term side effects typically clear up in a few weeks, and your veterinarian will have to monitor your dog for long-term side effects if they take the drug for an extended period of time.Here are some of the common side effects: If you see concerning side effects in your dog, then consult your veterinarian, as they may wish to alter the dosage or seek an alternative form of treatment.

Occasionally, veterinarians can use phenobarbital as a sedative, as well.

Your veterinarian will give you instructions on how to properly give your dog the correct amount of phenobarbital to treat the seizures.