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02-May-2020 03:09

I accepted this and the dynamic changed completely. I wouldn't let anyone cum on or in me however I don't want hubby giving his load to anyone except if I had a girl blowing him with me I woild love for him to cum on our faces and lick his cum and then I kiss her Jesus Christ, mad because you gave someone else a facial?Sorry, that's insane to me, especially since the other girl liked it.Just because my wife doesn’t enjoy being handcuffed, doesn’t mean I shouldn’t experience that type of control with a woman who DOES enjoy it. Having boundaries is great, but making everything regimented and a laundry list of rules hurts the experience.Personally I encourage my partner to do things with other girls that I don't like.I'm not big on getting slapped in the face but he loves doing it. If he finds a girl that's into that, I'm all for him getting that satisfaction.For this situation, perhaps asking her permission in the moment would suffice? I personally have no problem with it, you're doing something that physically feels great on something you find beautiful/attractive.Once she feels that another woman is giving you something she will not, she freaks out a bit.

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So long as the encounter was within her range, she feels secure as your primary partner.

So I’ve looked around and I can’t seem to find anything similar to this.