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In 1936, the German postal system set up public "viewing telephones," through which users could wave to each other between the cities of Berlin and Leipzig, for a price of three reichsmarks for three minutes.A series of other attempts followed, but all failed.And in the future, reality may look even more like science fiction -- scientists at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich are at work on 3D videoconferencing, which would make possible virtual encounters like those shown on the holodeck of Star Trek's Spaceship Enterprise.The Skype Breakthrough Some predicted a bright future for video telephones as far back as over 70 years ago.With the introduction of Apple's i Phone 4, a new era began for Canal.The new phone has a camera on the front side, above the screen, a set-up which allows him to make video calls even when his is away from his computer.A Virtual Language School "Bonjour Monsieur, shall we start the lesson right away?

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Skype is at the forefront of the revolution, but companies including Apple, Google and Microsoft are all cashing in.Their Internet telephone concept proved brilliant: All users also transmit others' conversations through their computers, a method which made it possible to reduce costs to virtually nothing.