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Quoting Surat Al-Maida, Verse 60, the lesson explains that Jews and Christians have sinned by accepting polytheism and therefore incurred Allah's wrath.To punish them, Allah has turned them into apes and pigs.[25] The Whole World Should Convert to Islam and Leave Their False Religions Lest Their Fate Will Be Hell A schoolbook for 5 grade instructs the students: "The religions which people follow on this earth are many, but the only true religion is the religion of Islam.As for the other religions, they are false as mentioned in the Koran (the Sura of Aal 'Umran Verse 85): 'And whoever follows a religion that is not Islam, it will not be accepted from him and in the Hereafter he will be of the losers.''The religion of Islam we know from the Koran and the Hadiths about the Prophet.The whole world should convert to Islam and leave its false religions lest their fate will be hell.No books shall be allowed for use unless they are consistent with Islam, the intellectual trends and educational aims of the Kingdom..."[16] The government policy also states: "All books should fulfill the aims of education and be devoid of anything conflicting with Islam."[17] Students also learn "how to face misleading rumors, destructive doctrines, and alien thoughts,"[18]The Saudi education authorities insist "the school textbooks should be in line with Islamic requirements."[19] Textbook Development According to the study by the Saudi Cultural Mission to the U.S., "committees at the Ministry of Education oversee the development of textbooks[20] in every subject for all educational levels…The students are also taught to understand Islam in a correct manner, how to plant and spread Islam throughout the world, and how "to fight spiritually and physically for the sake of Allah,"[5] with emphasis on early Islamic glories.[6] Spreading Islam throughout the World The concept of spreading Islam throughout the world is a fundamental pillar of the Saudi education system, as the following principles from the document by the Higher Committee for Educational Policy indicate:"The purpose of education is to understand Islam in a proper and complete manner, to implement and spread the Muslim faith, to provide a student with Islamic values, and teachings."[7]The document discusses the importance of "providing the individual with the necessary ideas, consciousness and abilities to preach the message of Islam."[8]Another concept within the Saudi education system is "widening the horizons of the thinking of the students by acquainting them with various countries of the world…

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"The Jews (then) broke their promise because they were known for treachery, and the Prophet had expelled them from Medina to their relatives in Khaibar where they started plotting (again)."It is then that the Prophet had decided to invade them, destroy their fortifications and bring them under submission.[29] A subject of discussion in the classroom is the case of Abdullah bin Saba, a "hypocrite Jew" who converted to Islam fraudulently and caused sedition among Muslims which resulted in the martyrdom of the third Khalifa, Othman ibn 'Affan.[30] Jesus is Not the Son of God Islam acknowledges Jesus, the son of Miriam, as a prophet.This in effect will lead to "prompting his [the student's] zeal for the restoration of the glories of his Muslim nation…

“It happened to be people, but it could have been bicycles, cars, ants, fish, amoebas or elephants.”At Microsoft, researchers have claimed on the company’s website to have created one of the biggest face data sets.… continue reading »

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The subject of "Tim Mc Graw," Drew Dunlap, has said he thought it was "cool" to be written about by Swift and the two remained friends after their breakup.31.… continue reading »

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From 1935 through 1953 American Can Company (Can Co) placed a tiny code along the bottom edge of the cans that they made. Beginning in May 1942 beer cans were limited to use by the military.… continue reading »

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Prior to accepting the role, Union stated that she would not want a TV series schedule with 20 or more episode as it will be detrimental to her motion picture career and BET agreed to not do more than 13 episodes per season.… continue reading »

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