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March is the month get out there and get some of this we may not see it again for years.

This continued until the end of production in 1967.

Almost every piece designed by these artists sold for hundreds of dollars, and today they are regarded as highly collectible.

The award changed the way the international ceramics community viewed American ceramic art.

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If you are a knowledgeable Rookwood collector of twenty years, then you probably don't need this book.

Several subway stations in New York feature Rookwood tile designs.

Rookwood pottery was made in Cincinnati, Ohio, beginning in 1880.

All of this art pottery is marked, most with the famous flame mark. The name and some of the molds were bought by a collector in 1982. In 2004, a group of Cincinnati investors bought the company and 3,700 original molds, the name, and trademark.

Rookwood also added a shape number and Rookwood pottery can be found with shape numbers ranging from 1 to 7301.

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In this interview, Riley Humler talks about collecting Rookwood art pottery, and discusses the history of Rookwood and its artists and products.This obviously self-published book was evidently not proof-read.