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Using their economy and navy, they can keep everyone in check for about 100 years.Unfortunately, the Ptolemaic power in Egypt begins to crumble around 204 B. Philip V, king of Antigonid Macedon, and Antiochus III, king of Seleucid Asia, smell blood.He is a supporter of Anthony, who Augustus defeats that year. In 673, the Arabs, trying to seize Constantinople, take Rhodes for its strategic location.He comes to Rhodes to profess his loyalty to Augustus, who will soon be emperor. Augustus comes to power, cleans out the Senate, and begins the Roman Empire. They depart in 680 under a peace treaty, and the Byzantine are back.

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When the cruise lines catering to US guests stop going to Turkey, they also drop Rhodes. They also establish a town on the nearby island of Kos.

It is a cultural place for the adults and an important educational center for the young. Cassius, the one behind Ceasar’sassassination, brother-in-law to Brutus, and all around nice guy, seizes power. One of the first targets is Rhodes, which they sack and make it a place for political exiles. That did not happen, and he becomes Emperor and returns to Rome. Christianity is spreading through Greece at this time. Constantine splits the Roman Empire by moving his capital to Byzantium, today’s Istanbul. The new eastern part of the Roman Empire is the Byzantine Empire. Rhodes becomes the capital of the Islands province, which consist of most of the Aegean islands. Then in 628, the Sasanian (Persian) navy, captures Rhodes.