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11-Jan-2020 23:03

Like our political discussions, our relationship was passionate and intense and filled with complex emotions that were far too important to suppress. Our relationship progressed rapidly, and in about six months, we'd moved in together and were expecting a baby.

My partner knows I had an abortion prior to meeting him, and when we found out we were pregnant, abortion was a choice we discussed at length and contemplated with no remorse.

We've debated and researched and argued, and because this polarizing topic affects us both — and our son — we have learned to compromise.

A gun will remain, but locked up and far from a toddler's reach.

Another school shooting had left us knee-deep in a laborious debate we'd had many times before. I know asking about politics on a first date is like talking about your ex: taboo and arguably idiotic. Bush, and he cringed when I said I voted for Barack Obama, but we pushed forward anyway because, well, whiskey and sexual chemistry are two powerful unifiers.

He argued the value of the Second Amendment; I couldn't even fathom the rights of gun owners when children had died. But we've been together for four years, have a 2-year-old child, and couldn't be more in love. I published an article in a local newspaper about dating in Seattle, and he messaged me because he could relate. But the whiskey was flowing and I felt something when I looked at him — something that told me this wouldn't just be a one-night stand — so I wanted to know that we had as much political chemistry as we had sexual. That's not to say that I didn't consider dating someone else.

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We respect our individual identities as much as we respect our coupledom.But I look forward to debating that with him, too, because it's our political dissimilarities that have helped us truly accept each other for who we are.

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