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Black gay men have been the only black population in which new HIV cases have been growing since 2001. Meanwhile, although HIV rates have declined among black women and black injection drug users, there are regions of the country where mortality among HIV-positive black women exceed other populations, while viral suppression, a goal of HIV medication that limits transmissibility to others and often ensures a long and healthy life, continues to remain elusive for many injection drug users.Indeed, the CDC estimates that one in three black gay men in major U. A common misconception about the higher prevalence of HIV among black people is that it is caused by engaging in more risk-associated behaviors.The HIV/AIDS epidemic might not make as many headlines as it used to, but it continues to infect tens of thousands in our country each year. population, African-Americans account for nearly half of all new HIV infections each year.And, unfortunately, some groups in the United States are being affected at the kinds of rates you would expect to see in hard-hit developing countries. True, the impact of HIV varies across the black community -- HIV infection rates have declined among injection drug users, black women, and black infants born to seropositive mothers.However, a Supreme Court decision ruled that Medicaid expansion under the ACA can only be available to uninsured people living in states that choose to implement it. In these states, an estimated 8.5 million uninsured Americans who would have qualified for full Medicaid coverage will most likely remain uninsured.Black Americans living in those states are twice as likely to be uninsured and more than six times as likely to have HIV.

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White nationalists marched on the campus of the University of Virginia in protest of the removal of a Confederate statue of Robert E. It seems that every few months there is an incident in one or more communities showing that we have a long way to go as a society before we can overcome racism.And new HIV infections among black heterosexual men are stable.

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Empowered by social media and galvanized by national conversations around privacy, integrity and the #Me Too movement, the activism fueling changes in the church represents a cultural shift among Latter-day Saints, said Patrick Mason, the chairman of Mormon studies at Claremont Graduate University.“This is a generation that feels that their voices matter, and they’re not always going to defer to authority,” said Mr. “They’re getting wins in the broader culture, and we’re seeing L. Draughon, 24, kept her concerns about the honor code quiet until she had left school, but now her Honor Code Stories account on Instagram has attracted more than 34,000 followers and generated nearly 200 tales of punishment meted out by the office charged with enforcing the code. That’s not the culture you need at a religious university.”Every student at Brigham Young must sign the school’s honor code to enroll in classes.… continue reading »

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