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You can implement these properties as expression-bodied members.

Expression body definitions consist of the accessors just assign a value to or retrieve a value from a backing field without including any additional logic.

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Keep your sale neutral and provide these details only once the buyer makes a comment about having a big family or being religious.

Sure, you can write a catchy headline in caps for effect (instead of writing “Home with large backyard,” write, “A Gardener’s Paradise), but do not write the entire property description that way or people will skip over your listing.

Avoid typos From “walking closet” and “wreck room” to “stainless steal appliances” and “hardware floors,” many property descriptions come chock-full of typos.

I can attest to the fact that, too often, the property descriptions I read could use some improvement.

Writing a property description that sells isn’t difficult, so long as you are armed with the following tips: Don’t write in caps While you may think that writing in caps will capture a homebuyer’s attention, what you may not be aware of is that writing in caps tells the reader that you are essentially shouting your entire property description at them.

I can go in and type in every single property name and type in the File/Properties dialog (both custom and default tabs) for every single file, but I'm really hoping that there's a built-in way to have EPDM create the properties needed based on the data card, thus saving me countless hours of mind-numbing grunt work.