Online dating describing yourself

21-Oct-2020 18:33

Reveal your qualities but only so much as to tantalize the readers into wanting to know more about you.

Very soon you will be flooded with responses to meet for a date.

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Going online is a great way to reach out to so many interesting people.

Begin with the profile header This is the first bit about yourself on your dating profile that potential candidates will come across.

So make sure that your profile header is witty and attractive.

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You may make it as humorous or philosophical as you want but just be sure that it is clever and catchy.

Rather than describing yourself in generic terms as “fun-loving”, “adventurous”, “fond of dining out”, use phrases that detail your interests in expressive terms.

For instance instead of the tame “adventurous”, you could say that you a person “who loves to feel the surf against your face when sailing out in the open seas” or to describe yourself as a gourmet you could write that you are“transported by the vibrant colors as well as the aroma of herbs and spices in Indian cuisine”.

Be clear about your expectations Your dating profile is not just about getting responses.

It is about getting the kind of responses you want.When seeking a date, be honest, positive, and specific. You can describe who you are by telling about your thoughts, emotions, ambitions and goals.