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22-Nov-2019 10:45

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In today’s dating world our brains have become so tech focused that we wonder if we have lost the art of dating and meeting men.We knew some things back in the disco days and these important old school dating rules can guide us to online dating success.While the majority seemed to be in favour of what I proposed, I also saw a couple of very negative reactions.

Now “going steady” is an unfortunately forgotten, old school term.Thinking you can go on one date with someone and break their heart confuses dating and going steady.At the same time, if you’ve been on several dates together and you see no signs that this other person is getting serious about you in particular, you can choose to breach the subject of exclusivity with them.Our perfect perch on the bar stool was the online profile picture of today.

Scanning the room then is just like looking through profiles now.

You are at this point discerning marriage- Is this really the one for me? Do they have the qualities I am looking for in a spouse?