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22-Sep-2019 12:51

Most popular Russian superstition that almost very foreigner is puzzled about is whistling inside the house.Do not whistle, as you are whistling away the host’s money, Russians say. Put coins into all corners of your house and not take them way, keep money in order in your wallet with faces towards you, show some coins to the new moon and so on.Spitting over the left shoulder is viewed as immediate preventive measure able to mitigate the bad effects of it.Whereas In Britain and Japan, seeing a black cat crossing your path, is considered good luck. Quite often rural population is more superstitious.What are most widespread Russian wedding superstitions?It is believed that a woman has to weep before the wedding; otherwise her marital life will be unhappy.

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Unmarried girl should not sit at the corner of the table; otherwise she risks not getting married for the next seven years.

Cutting hair, knitting, and sewing, posing to a photographer or a painter during the pregnancy is a big no-no as it can harm the baby, some Russian women believe.

There is no rational explanation to these limitations of course, yet many of them are still observed.

Some beliefs have opposite meanings in different cultures.

If a black cat crosses your path, it's bad luck, Russians think.Women are more concerned of the mystical side of life.