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20-Oct-2019 13:45

Typically, scammers post an advertisement on a social media site that reads “click here for a 0 gift card”.

When users follow the link, they’re duped into handing over personal details in exchange for a non-existent voucher.

To finalise the trade, the scammer asks the seller to forward this extra money to a “shipping company”.

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The payment also includes a little extra for shipping costs.

They request more and more money until the victim cottons on … How to avoid them: How they work: In 2012, a group of fraudsters posed as representatives of a legitimate Japanese finance company.

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The Nine Circles of Relationship Hell Sure, Dante put his sodomites, sowers of discord, and corrupt politicians into various circles of Hades, but where would he put drunk dialers? So today (after a margarita), I asked what his favorite sex fantasy was-I thought it'd be something we'd enjoy acting out. I thought I'd married someone special, and it turns out he's just another guy from the Penthouse Forum! From now on I feel like just pursuing my career and having sex with people who can actually enrich my life. -Not Fantasizing in DE Notty, hunny: But of course he said two girls, you delicious half-wit!… continue reading »

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