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18-Feb-2020 04:14

She told me that I should never open a closed door.

I should knock and ask for permission to go in first.

She upset me so much that I ran back to my room crying.

A few seconds later she came to my room and apologized for yelling at me.

Tracey and I watched a few of them in her room late at night and I thought about mom a lot. She said she loved me more than anything in the world and I loved her the same. AS we got to the door I intentionally let my hand rub across her ass when I reached for the door.

As we waited for our table I kept complimenting her on how good she looked. Sometimes we might go to the lake and sit and talk.

We all had our own room and Traceys was closer so thats where I went. Tracey was wearing just a t-shirt and panties to sleep in. Get dressed up, let me drive and take my favorite girl out for a date. The night arrived and I was almost shaking I was so nervous.

Shortly after they moved in my dad got killed in a drug buy gone bad.Jim was just a regular guy with a 9 to 5 job who loved working with kids.He got me involved in little league baseball and football and basketball. To everyone else she was probably just a regular mom but I saw something special. Anytime I ate at their house we always sat at the table with the TV off. Karen would take us swimming or skating or to a movie during the day while Jim was at work.During the time she was in jail Karen and Jim convinced her to let them adopt me. The next day was Saturday and it started off like any other. That afternoon we went to the mall for back-to-school clothes. We shopped all afternoon and got to eat at a nice restaurant for dinner.

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My first night after being adopted didnt feel any different than any other night. Walking out to the car after dinner I hugged my new mom and dad and told them I loved them. Then the girls joined in and we had a big family hug and cry right there in the parking lot.

During our meal I asked mom what her and dad would do on their date nights.

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