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23-May-2020 23:37

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While I didn’t quite get enough responses to the two dating surveys – there was one for girls and one for guys – to be scientifically accurate, I did get enough to answer your questions about dating Korean guys.In addition to the survey answers, I also harassed my Korean and Korean-Canadian guy friends in person for their opinions.For this question, we allowed people to select multiple choices.I know if I were to answer the question, I’d select all of the answers except “No” and I definitely wasn’t the only one with a balanced interest in hallyu.However predictably, the three standards of hallyu – Korean dramas, Korean films and K-pop – received the most votes.I was a little surprised by how popular the variety shows were though.That being said, the first draft I did last week was a little dry and needed a little more tweeking… ^^ (although let’s be honest – ATK Magazine’s opinion is pretty much mine or rather vice versa).

I found it interesting that this chart doesn’t match the girl’s chart about hallyu.

I argued that it might be true for a small sub-set of younger fans.

But most people realize that Korean dramas are real and that most people don’t look/act like celebrities (in any country/culture).

All your help was greatly appreciated and helped give a more complete picture for our readers.

You might notice that I didn’t bother my female friends with questions.Yes, this article was based on a very small sample (and the female respondents were already predisposed to like Korean culture) but there was little way around that unfortunately.

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