John a t robinson redating the new testament

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This implies more than the alteration of a few dates: it changes the entire pace and nature of the cultural development. it did not greatly affect the relative chronology for the different regions of Europe: the megalithic tombs of Britain, for instance, were still later than those further south. Then in 1966 came a second revolution, the calibration of the radio­carbon datings by dendrochronology, or the evidence of tree-rings, in particular of the incredibly long-lived Californian bristle-cone pine.This showed that the radiocarbon datings had to be corrected in an upward (i.e.For, much more than is generally recognized, the chronology of the New Testament rests on presuppositions rather than facts.It is not that in this case new facts have appeared, new absolute datings which cannot be contested – they are still extraordinarily scarce.

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This is a greatly oversimplified account, which would doubtless also be challenged by other archaeologists.

Robinson has argued in Redating the New Testament that the entire New Testament could have been completed before A. 70, which is still well into the eyewitness period. Albright, Recent Discoveries in Bible Lands, New York, Funk and Wagnalls, 1955, p.