Ipod mailboxes updating

30-Jan-2020 06:33

An i Phone 7, a Samsung Galaxy, a Mac Book Pro and a first generation i Pad Mini which as maxed out at i OS 9.3.5.

This app works perfectly across all devices and is better than Apple Mail on OS X for options and multiple accounts. We have been using Blue Mail for a few years to slow down spam mail. The i Pad and se both work with emails, but interestingly I can’t read emails on my phone.

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This is my 4th i Phone (starting from the 4) and by far the worst performing one apart from an appalling battery on my 5. Sorry this has nothing to do with your i Phone 7.yahoo email account is notoriously bad, they want you to use the Yahoo app instead, you can search Yahoo mail and see how many other users have issue with them.This is and has always been a yahoo issue, do a search and you'll see thousand of threads on this issue.