Intuit the value of validating business ideas

05-May-2020 19:59

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You can start your market validation with Google Trends to see what is the trend when people search for a solution that your business idea will produce for them.Google Trends is based on Google Search and shows how often a particular search term is used by real people when they search something on Google relative to the total search volume across various regions of the world, and in various languages.

In such a case I will go to Google Trends and type in search term Chia seeds. As you can see, we have a growth trend about Chia seeds according to Google Searches.

Here you will find many useful and practical information that will help you to do the work for yourself.

Let’s start by simply breaking down the whole process into three different stages: Don’t worry. As a first open your business ideas book or use these 50 questions to develop a business idea or generate business ideas that match your skills.

So, if no one wants your product or service, you can not have a business.

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If you validate business idea first, you will not have reasons to scare that your new venture will fail.

Next, you will need to put your keywords as in the picture below and click “Get Ideas.”The results I get for my “Chia seeds” business idea is the following: As you can see, Chia seed oil has ten times more searches than Chia seed powder.

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