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“More speeches than you can imagine are doomed to fail by bad introductions…Instead of kindling fires of enthusiasm within the audience, the introductions lead to an epidemic outbreak of brain freeze.” The Toastmaster, April 1996, p.6 Marie Wallace has enjoyed a fulfilling career as a librarian, beginning in 1951 in academia with the University of California and transitioning in 1971 into the private law library world until her 1995 retirement from O’Melveny & Myers.she is the 1997 recipient of the American Association of Law Libraries’ highest honor, the Marian Gould Gallagher Distinguished Service Award.Shift through and pick out the things that connect the speaker with the subject and audience.In media parlance, you are preparing a coming attraction “tease”–not a eulogy. Practice it in front of a mirror or into a tape recorder for timing. Reduce your written introduction to a few key words and phrases.The answer is prepare, practice and be enthusiastic.These need not take long once you understand what you are doing and why.A secondary purpose is to motivate the audience to listen.Just because the audience is there doesn’t mean the are ready to listen.

What do you need to do to craft a good introduction?As Secretary of the…under the…administration, she has promulgated more changes (as measured by pages in the Federal Register) to the regulations relating to…than in the previous 100 years.We are all familiar with some of the reasons that the…profession is under attack.Are those strange qualifications for a speaker about to address this Conference of…, striving to work within the system?

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Ms….’s career has taken her through 25 years of study, research, teaching and administration. She has written numerous articles scientific and popular journals.

Some seasoned speakers prefer to write out their own introduction.