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Elizabeth Warren (D., Mass.) released a detailed plan to address problems in Indian Country in the United States, but declined to mention her own disputed heritage claims that have caused her political embarrassment. "The story of America's mistreatment of American Indians, Alaska Natives, and Native Hawaiians is a long and painful one, rooted in centuries of discrimination, neglect, greed, and violence," she wrote in a post. Children literally stolen from communities in an effort to eradicate entire cultures." Warren pledged as president to end what she called the federal government's callous disregard for native sovereignty, such as with the Dakota and Keystone pipelines. had to be honest about its systemic mistreatment of American Indians, dating back to before its founding.His father suggested yoga as a cure for homosexuality while his mother rued, “I gave birth to a son, not a (a south Asian pejorative for transgenders).”Eventually, Roop moved out to keep his family “away from those difficult questions they didn’t want to face before the society,” he told Quartz.The 25-year-old customer-care advisor, who identifies as an androgynous homosexual, now wears a face full of make-up and dons high heels, is a vocal LGBTQ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transsexual, queer) activist, and part of India’s first gay choir group, Rainbow Voices. For a society that makes the LGBTQ community feel like criminals with its rigid cultural norms and archaic laws, searching for a same-sex partner can be a nightmare.Besides, identities are often outed unwittingly, which can have catastrophic consequences for those who prefer discretion.With internet and smartphone penetration on the rise in India, the LGBTQ community is increasingly taking to online dating sites to mingle.provides needed support and assistance in the areas of Workplace Development, Education, Family, Support, Multimedia Training, and much more.The goals of SCIC are to promote social, educational, economic self-sufficiency for American Indian, Alaska Native and Native Hawaiian people. To establish and maintain, cultural, economic and recreational programs for American Indians. To eliminate barriers of discrimination of race, religion, and gender. To educate and broaden the knowledge of the American public on Indian issues and culture, regarding its unique positive contributions to American society.

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The plan also addressed voting rights and sexual assault in Native communities. M.), who has endorsed Warren for the presidential nomination, released a draft bill "aimed at addressing needs of Native Americans identified by the US Commission on Civil Rights." Not surprisingly, Warren didn't delve into her tortured personal history on the subject.

So, for India’s scatted LGBTQ community, the best bet to find like-minded people is the internet.

Dating apps cast a wide net and help find exactly the kind of people you want to be with. For instance, anonymity often allows imposters to con genuine users.

Website: The mission of the school has changed since its inception early in this century.

Founded as an agricultural and trade school, Sherman evolved into a comprehensive high school in order to better meet the needs of all Native American youth.Growing up, Divya Roop already knew he was attracted to his own gender but he didn’t want to come out until he became independent.