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16-Jul-2020 11:39

Isn't it amazing the beauty that a front porch with beautiful landscaping adds? Never underestimate the appeal of a porch especially on a ranch home where the lines are long and simple.Gabled roof on this porch - and notice the attractive hanging baskets, too.

We are often asked what front porch design works best for ranch homes.

Ranch home construction essentially began in California in the 1940s and continued well into the 1970s.

Their simplistic design was perfect for families after WWII which energized the growth of suburbs across the U. Ranch home's architectural characteristics of a long, low-sloping roof line, an attached garage, and large front windows lend themselves well to adding an appealing front porch.

Ranch homes normally have low sloping roofs which can limit the porch's roof design but don't let that stop you.

It is easy to see the beauty that a front porch makes on this ranch home. Billie's ranch home before a front porch was added.

Another option for ranch home porches would be to construct a flat roof off of the main roof.