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I really appreciate getting up tomorrow very early; it's going to be a very rough four airplanes to whatever point, and then you're doing this the next day. But I did that because they said, "Hey, do you want to come to Australia and hand out this prize? Scott Fitzgerald by any means, and so I'm always looking to become a better writer. If you go past the Western part of South Sudan, which would be like Darfur, you would go into Chad.

I like that, because it feels like I'm living at the speed of life, and I will go out of my way. " I'm thinking, "Yeah, I'll go to Australia, because I'm not there right now. They're like, "Why do you want to go all the way there and say congratulations and fly back? It's not waking up in my own bed going, "Oh, look, it's my driveway again." And I try to live an eventful life — my aim is to live eventfully. "Man goes to edge of Antarctic peninsula," which I did last November, "meets the three species of penguins," which I did, Adelie, Gentoo and what's the third? And so I go, "Man goes to Antarctica," and then I put my name in and I book it. Full Metal Jackie: Henry, you're a prolific writer. So I read writers that I admire, and a lot of what I admire is journalism. And Chad is where a lot of the Darfurians were relocated after the Janjaweed killers from the Khartoum in the north came down there to basically slaughter them. I've never been to Nigeria, except stopping over in the airport. I've made a good perimeter on the African continent, like Morocco, Tunisia, Egypt places like that, but the interior.

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And so this is what I do when I'm not obligated to eighty other things, which is usually the case. He said, "What's your travel plans for the next few days? You need to get out of Cairo and get back to the West as soon as possible." And I'm like, "Oh, great. I was in a mortar attack in Bagdad Iraq on a USO tour, but I'm in the building that can withstand a mortar attack. So there's men walking around with uzis under their jackets, so I felt a little safe there. One day I woke up without any lyrics and I had a big decision: either I go out as a human jukebox and reiterate the past over and over again and rest on my laurels, or I bravely go forward and roll the dice on being brave and honest with my audience or my lack thereof.

I call it living like the president, where like every day is kind of like, "At , you're doing this." I've been living that way since I was 20 in 1981.

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