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And when you go by the members of enemy gangs, she shoots at them :-) She's at home from 4pm to 6am You won't get anything from her in the beginning After reaching 50%, you'll get her car keys After reaching 100%, you'll get a pimp suit She'll invite you home after getting 40-50% She's at home from 8am to 12pm and from 2pm to 2am You'll get a flame thrower and Molotov Cocktail, a chainsaw, a gun and a Bandito at the beginning - all can be found in her garage.

After reaching 50%, you'll get Bandito keys (but you can use it from the beginning) After reaching100%, you'll get a rural clothes by her.

“The next significant leap occurs on the advertising side.

While most games are trying to figure out effective ways to leverage ad revenue by placing products and promotions into games, Rockstar, famous for turning its back on industry practice, chose the route. Rowling could have put Jelly Bellies in her books, but instead, she created Bertie Bott’s Beans, and a ton of other stuff.

If the girl is possible to pick up, you'll notice a blue arrow above her.

That is enough to go up to her and you'll either get her telephone number or you'll hear that you aren't right for her.

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The play is infinite because you are playing against your friends – and enemies – thereby making the game new each time you log on.

As soon as your girlfriend gets the present, you can kiss her, so be prepared to press TAB so that you don't miss the occasion :-) The rating of your date is increased by the present.

If so, you may want to try being “sex-clusive” first and see if it leads to both of you wanting to go exclusive.… continue reading »

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