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11-Oct-2020 20:01

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This study proposed a blood leakage detection device for patients during hemodialysis (HD).

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As a consequence, the patients may sustain varying degrees of injury.Patients on HD must receive treatment 3 times per week and for 4 hours per treatment session, in order to maintain the basic kidney function necessary for survival [3].HD is a common alternative treatment in Taiwan, and medical personnel are well-practiced at intravenous insertion; however, venous needle dislodgement (VND) still occurs occasionally, which can lead to blood leakage.Thus, in order to provide an additional layer of protection for patients undergoing HD, as well as to alleviate the clinical pressure of nursing staff and facilitate positive nurse–patient interactions, a blood leakage detection device has been developed.

The present study describes device testing in both a simulated and clinical setting, and users’ responses from nursing staff and patients.For this experiment, a simulated blood circulation system was adopted for the phantom arm to simulate blood flow in a real arm during HD (Figure 1).

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