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13-May-2020 12:24

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We take a closer look at the ‘safe pair’ of hands who stands a good chance of becoming the next prime minister of Britain.

Theresa May was born in October 1956 in Eastbourne, Sussex, and raised a Christian with a father who was an Anglican vicar, but died in a car crash in her mid 20s.

Dozens more had gathered outside the court building, some waving yellow umbrellas - the symbol of the 2014 protests.

Both Wong and his supporters also called for the scrapping of Hong Kong government proposals to remove long-standing blocks on extraditing wanted suspects from Hong Kong to countries with which the city has no extradition agreements - including mainland China.

Thigh-length patent boots, tartan suits, leopard-print shoes. When she last wore the outfit in 2014, some people on Twitter decided it looked racy. These are the same sort of people who see penises in everything, like clouds and buildings.

Now she’s worn it again, and it’s led to people call for her to just take the Tory leadership already because she’s a fashion icon, because apparently while our PM has nice dresses we will all be OK.

He had earlier served six days before being released pending the appeal.

Wong, then just 17, was at the forefront of the broad civil disobedience movement that presented China’s Communist Party rulers in Beijing with one of their biggest political challenges in decades, accused by many of interference in Hong Kong’s affairs.

“It is an affront to the court and must be met with a deterrent sentence,” the three judges said in a written summary.

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Photo: Xinhua\u002FWang Kai","alt":"The saw cuts grids in what was once a flowing river.

Mrs May is undeniably a very experienced pair of hands, she has held a variety of positions in the shadow cabinet and cabinet ever since 1999.