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Redmayne's victory in the best actor category, for playing Stephen Hawking in The Theory of Everything, was the most refreshing moment of the evening. It was a pretty good night for Oscars speeches, with Patricia Arquette (Boyhood), Common (Selma) and Graham Moore (writer of The Imitation Game) delivering particular standouts.

He seems intelligent enough, I am curious to know wether he actually asks himself how he could get modelling jobs. R25 I think he got ´lucky´ only because he came from a wealthy family, studied at Cambridge and had all the doors open basically.

You gotta love the media tho, how they try to sell him as a heartthrob.

The fact that he said that about the acting makes him a bit moe genuine in my opinion, I think he ment it.

In 2015, Markle visited Istanbul in Turkey for the opening of Soho House—a favourite of hers as she was rumoured to have spent her hen do at Soho Farmhouse in April, and had her first date with Prince Harry in Soho House, London.I've come round to him more since Marilyn, but he seriously repulsed me in Savage Grace. The 25-year-old actress was spotted walking arm in arm with fellow British actor Eddie Redmayne while out in New York…He claims to be straight; however, he pings like a well-tuned harp.