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This company came as a surprise ,low price for laptops and cellphones ,and i can find what i like . Dave At PM 12/1/2008, you wrote: Hi all, AMIS will reach a stable release soon, and I need to have the self- voicing prompts narrated as well as for the help file. This means it's the last chance to stress- test it before widespread distribution. Improvements were made to internationalization, accessibility, and overall reading experience; and specific requests have been implemented.

This was requested by a school installing AMIS for their students.

Thanks Marisa De Meglio DAISY for All Project This email is sponsored by: Microsoft Defy all challenges. _______________________________________________ Amis-users mailing list [email protected] Hi everyone, We're looking for beta testers for AMIS 3. As a beta tester, we will be asking you to examine our existing features and let us know if something doesn't work or is confusing, and then submit a recipe of how to reproduce the behavior.

Thanks Marisa De Meglio DAISY for All Project Alfred, We have Jaws scripts for AMIS. I'll copy the link here so you have it: JFWScripts2611.exe?

You contacted us directly because you were interested in testing AMIS 2. You are a translator for an AMIS language pack and we think you would benefit from seeing the latest version of what you are translating. Based on previous contact, we think you would be interested in this version of AMIS If your organization plans to suggest AMIS to your users, then it is extremely important that you continue your beta testing participation.

We can eliminate a lot of potential problems this Please look at the notes that come with the scripts to see how to use them.

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