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It's not a secret that all people aspire to love and be loved, dream to meet a person who will be a friend and support in any situation, who will paint life in bright colors, and who will present sincere feelings.Note: If you use an external editor such as a word-processor to create and edit files, this can corrupt the file you are editing.Weeks after the story broke, the Australian Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting Authority denied the rumour and stated that the BC/AD notation would remain, with CE and BCE as an optional suggested learning activity.Proponents of the Common Era notation assert that the use of BCE/CE shows sensitivity to those who use the same year numbering system as the one that originated with and is currently used by Christians, but who are not themselves Christian.The change is simply one of semantics—that is, AD 100 is the same as 100 CE; all that changes is the label.E., meaning “before common era” and “common era,” respectively.– cast a wider net of inclusion" Some oppose the Common Era notation for explicitly religious reasons.

Make sure to view the results in your browser, to see if the desired changes have taken effect.

to the most bigoted Christian colonialism" towards non-Christians, who do not necessarily consider the time period following the beginning of the calendar to be a "common era".

And so the Christian Era has become the Common Era.

There are times when you will need to edit Word Press files, especially if you want to make changes in your Word Press Theme.

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Word Press features a built-in editor that allows you to edit files online, using any internet browser.It was made of translucent "Bondi Blue"-colored plastic, and was egg-shaped around a 15-inch (38.1 cm) CRT display.