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05-Jun-2020 11:04

most people feel the dating scene in Sweden is confusing to say the least …“Swedish men and women seem pretty different to me, it seems that the men don’t have to do much work in getting ladies because the women seem to make most of the advances, I swear they are another breed : P, they are very strong women.

In America the women usually sit back and wait for the guys, but in Sweden the men sit back and wait for the ladies.” Its true to say that the dating topic has no end and no beginnings.

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We have asked people their thoughts on courting Swedish women and Swedish men and one thing for sure we have gathered ….So to get the ball rolling, here’s a little taste of what people are saying about Dating in Stockholm. When I wen’t to Canada and the United States i saw a lot of far more beatufiul girls there then our pale white blond girls… ’ Daniel“…what I’ve learned about my Swedish bf so far, well he is shy, kind, and well-mannered, has a heart the size of Jupiter, and is very thoughtful, smart, funny, and romantic.