Dating someone with bpd forums

26-Nov-2019 15:13

I feel you're doing a disservice by including such a slanted and one-sided viewpoint of a very pervasive phenomena.for borderline pathology (I'm sure others have managed to do that already).That our sex life was "great," and that she can't wait to see me again! I take the girls to church and we do more things together than before.Then she calls other days and says, "did you start the divorce papers yet? She's willing to give up her children for this guy, but she says that when she comes to see the girls, she wants to cook dinner, take them to the park and go out as a family! I have a woman friend back home in Philadelphia and we're not sleeping together, but we've gone on a few dates.

That will Hi Shari - I've read some of your website content, and was drawn to the piece on Borderline women (the more p/c phrasing being, women with borderline personality traits or disorder).

She fell in love with another man at our last duty assignment, and moved with him in California.