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Did each tributary have its own source of flash flood water?Faced with the impossible task of explaining how all that rock could be removed in one or at most a few flash floods, creationists have concocted the theory that the Grand Canyon formations were originally mud laid down at the time of the biblical Genesis flood, and the canyons were washed out from these mud deposits by water trapped in some fashion and then released as a flash flood after the flood waters receded.The average load of suspended solids carried is almost 400,000 tons per day. 8, Beal publication] This includes heavier material pushed along the bottom. The fossils occurring in these deposits indicate that the topmost layers are at least 250 million years old, and represent life forms that do not exist today.The Colorado acts like a giant conveyor belt, carrying the material to the delta at the Gulf of California. Shaly green mudstones, with some fine grained sandstones. Limestones are formed by the slow deposition of microscopic marine creatures.

A debris avalanche triggered by the explosion and earthquake measuring 5.1 on the Richter scale, releasing 24 megatons of thermal energy. Helens eruption was classified as a VEI 5 event, the only significant such event to happen in the contiguous 48 United States since the 1915 eruption of Lassen Peak in California.

This, they claim, supports their belief that all of the earth's major geological features were brought about by catastrophic events that occurred in a relatively brief period of time. Helens, click here, then click on "Get a Map" and type in latitude = 46.2007 and longitude = -122.1918. The topo map clearly reveals that this washout, described by creationists as a "miniature Grand Canyon," is in fact a large blowout quickly spreading to a wide, shallow channel at the foot of the caldera. This is a 9" x 12" soft cover, 64 page publication with topographic maps and many large color photographs.