Dating man physically physically stronger weaker woman

20-May-2020 05:39

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On Average Men have much more lean mass and denser bones and absolutely near low to no fat in legs compared to women, all the fat is stored in mid-section because of Testosterone's effect on Male anatomy. Men will never stop for directions no matter how lost they are. When puberty takes effect, it becomes easier for a man's body to develop muscle, whereas it becomes easier for a woman's body to develop fat. Women who make provocation in order to prove their existence are not worth knowing.That's what make many think men are weaker in lower body strength. (On the average, women live seven years longer than men.) Men can't wear pink. (There may actually be some trueth to this.) Men make better doctors, lawyers, ect. And in any relationship, if both are prepared to be in the wrong slightly more than half the time, things will go OK. The top womens football team would not compete with the top male one.

Thus, women, with less testosterone, have a harder time building muscle mass than men. We live longer than men and when there's a male and female fetus in the womb the female is usually the stronger.One of my first girlfriends at that time was on the track team and excelled at the shot put and discus.

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